Top Tips for Increasing Restaurant Sales This Holiday Season: Part 1

Top Tips for Increasing Restaurant Sales This Holiday Season: Part 1

The holiday season is upon us and it’s an extremely busy time of year for the restaurant industry as people get into the festive spirit of eating, drinking, dining out and attending parties.

If you are running a restaurant this time of year, you can really reap the rewards of increased profits by following these four helpful tips on how to set your business up for holiday season success.

1. Offer a holiday menu

Create a unique holiday season menu with menu management software that makes updates super easy. Offer something new and exciting for a limited time that customers can’t normally get and be sure your staff is well-versed on the items. Get into the holiday spirit by offering seasonal drinks, from pumpkin lattes to spiced hot chocolates and fun holiday-inspired cocktails, they are a perfect add-on to any order. Be sure your servers know to mention that these items are only around for a limited time and that there is visible signage in the restaurant to promote your holiday menu and seasonal specials.

2. Hand out menus and flyers to holiday shoppers

This is a great way to attract hungry shoppers to refuel, and you can capitalize on the increased foot traffic near your restaurant. Team up with local retailers to give their customers a special offer at your restaurant, or a free holiday-themed treat for dropping in. If you’re located beside retail stores or in the mall, you can help hungry stressed-out shoppers by offering quick bites and seasonal snacks. Remind them to take a break from the rushing and don’t forget to eat!

3. Cater for holiday parties and team lunches

It is also the season of holiday get-togethers, but don’t limit your thinking to family and friends. Most businesses will have a holiday party or team lunches for their employees, whether it’s catered in or in-person. Send samples and catering menus to nearby businesses, inviting them to try your restaurant for their holiday parties, lunches and dinners. You could also try targeted ads on social media. You can target based on interests and activities, as well as geographies, to find those employees in nearby offices.

4. Offer gift cards

This is the perfect time of year to advertise gift cards and other benefits of your restaurant loyalty programs. They make great gifts, they pull in new customers, and they increase spend at the time of purchase. An easy way to improve gift card sales during this time is to offer customers an extra incentive with the purchase of a gift card. For example, you can sell cards at a discounted rate ($50 gift card for $45) or offer a free $10 gift card with each $50 gift card purchase. It’s hard to resist free food, so guests may end up buying these for their friends, family, and even themselves!

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