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New Bombay or commonly known as Navi Mumbai is a town located at the outskirts of Mumbai. Navi Mumbai was developed in 1971 by the Government of Maharashtra with  CIDCO’s help (City and Industrial Development Corporation of Maharashtra). Navi Mumbai is one of the world’s largest towns. With a population of more than 2.1 million people, Navi Mumbai is home to many youngsters who travel to south Mumbai for work. Most of the Navi Mumbai residents are white collared professionals who have migrated from all over the country to work in the City of Dreams. From pizzas to naans and pastas to dosas, you will definitely find something that will tickle your taste buds in Navi Mumbai. Here are some of the best restaurants navi Mumbai,

Star Biryani

What appears to be a little hole in the wall is actually one of the best restaurants navi Mumbai. They have Mutton biryani, Chicken biryani and Vegetable biryani on their menu. This place does not have any seating space and will not offer you any place to sit while waiting for your order. But once you taste the biryani at Star, then you will definitely not go back to any other place.

Hungry Monsters

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Copywriter turned baker Alisha Sequeira runs this little bakery out of her home. She makes some of the most scrumptious cakes, cupcakes, cookies and tarts and is just a phone call away. With theme based dishes for every season and menus that change to suit the festival, you must not miss the food from Hungry Monsters. Place your order a few days in advance and you will not be disappointed.

Nan & Curry

Nan & Curry might not be the best place to sit down and have a meal with all of five tables available but the food can make your mouth water for days after you eat it. While you might think that the only thing you should have from there is Nan & Curry, the flavor of the Chinese food available could give any five star a run for its money.

Smoking Pizza

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Have you heard of baked pastas? Well, if you haven’t, then Smoking Pizza is where you should order from. With some amazing pastas and pizzas, you will absolutely love them.


Apart from these other best restaurants navi Mumbai includes Cafe Monza, 70 beans and Bong Adda.


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